Hi! my name is Fernando. If you're here it means that you know who I am or a least I hope. However, I'm going to introduce my self.

I'm a Frontend developer from Colombia with a degree in Mining Engineer. Initially, I thought that was a little weird, a Mining Engineer working as a programmer but when I started talking with other developers I realize that I wasn't the only one with a different background. That made me feel good.

I consider myself a passionate person for movies and TV shows. I spend most of my time in those activities. Another passion that I have is music. I don't sing or play any instrument but I love to listen music of any kind.

The purpose here is givin to you a little introduction of what are you going to find (well, I hope so).

As a Frontend developer there are too much subjects to cover (frameworks, libraries, etc.) and sometimes is difficult to keep the rhythm.

When I started learning JavaScript I thought (naively) that I'd learn it in about a year and after that I'd continue with other language. I have, at the moment of this post, three years since I start learn it and today there're so much things that I still don't know.

The purpose of starting a blog is to share things I learn recently because I need for work or I find interesting. You probably gonna find a lot of exercises of algorithms, I like to solve them.

I hope you find post that wort your time.